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Facilities Manager Magazine Archives

2024 IssuesFocus
July/August 2024 The Next Generation Workforce
May/June 2024 Creative Conversions
March/April 2024 A Seat at the Table
January/February 2024 Positively Proactive: Leaning into 2024’s Challenges

2023 IssuesFocus
November/December 2023 Celebrating Campus Sustainability Successes
September/October 2023 Leadership and the Workplace
July/August 2023 Space and All Its Entanglements
May/June 2023 Plants, Metering & New Additions
March/April 2023 The Science of Cleaning
January/February 2023 Technology in the Workplace

2022 IssuesFocus
November/December 2022 Rethinking the Framework for Collaboration
September/October 2022 Understanding the High Cost of Buildings
July/August 2022 Preparing for Every Future and a Culture of Continuous Learning
May/June 2022 The Productive, Smart Buildings Initiative
March/April 2022 Campus Construction Continues
January/February 2022 Finding and Retaining an Engaged Workforce

2021 IssuesFocus
November/December 2021 Connecting Space and Place in K-12
September/October 2021 Dave Irvin’s Ongoing Leadership Journey
July/August 2021 Tending to the Campus Sense of Place
May/June 2021 Campus Sustainability After a Pandemic
March/April 2021 COVID One Year Later
January/February 2021 Personal and Professional Development

2020 IssuesFocus
November/December 2020 Preparing for the Presidental Debates
September/October 2020 A Profile of President Jim Jackson
July/August 2020 Disruption and Campus Facilities
May/June 2020 Smart Technologies and Collaborations
March/April 2020 Improving & Celebrating Campus Sustainability
January/February 2020 Getting to Workforce Excellence

2019 IssuesFocus
November/December 2019 Campus Improvements
September/October 2019 Cultivating the Community -- Infrastructure Resiliency
July/August 2019 New Technologies -- Serving the Mission
May/June 2019 Med-Ed Facilities
March/April 2019 Sustainability Excellence and Collaboration
January/February 2019 Focus on Community Colleges

2018 IssuesFocus
November/December 2018 Staff and FM Alignment
September/October 2018 Embracing Change
July/August 2018 Essentials in Facilities Management
May/June 2018 Leveraging the Admissions Facility
March/April 2018 Practicing Campus Sustainability
January/February 2018 Making the Outsourcing Decision

2017 IssuesFocus
November/December 2017 Developing Workers and Students
September/October 2017 Profile of President Chris Kopach
July/August 2017 Master Planning/Utility Planning
May/June 2017 Customer Service
March/April 2017 Campus Sustainability
January/February 2017 Space Management and Utilization

2016 IssuesFocus
November/December 2016 The Resilient Campus
September/October 2016 Creating a New Normal
July/August 2016 The Total Cost of Ownership
May/June 2016 Program Prioritization
March/April 2016 Sustainability Programming and Investments
January/February 2016 Managing and Prioritizing Risk

2015 IssuesFocus
November/December 2015 FM Security and Effectiveness
September/October 2015 Engagement and Member Service
July/August 2015 Leading Through Change
May/June 2015 The Human Side of Facilities Management
March/April 2015 Advancing Sustainability
January/February 2015 Public-Private Partnerships • Building Commissioning

2014 IssuesFocus
November/December 2014 Higher Education and the American Experience
September/October 2014 Kicking Off APPA's Second Century
July/August 2014 APPA at 100: Looking Back, Moving Forward
May/June 2014 The Strength of An Association
March/April 2014 Getting Better All The Time
January/February 2014 Looking Ahead in Campus Facilities

2013 IssuesFocus
November/December 2013 Technology and Educational Facilities
September/October 2013 2013-14 APPA President Glenn Smith
July/August 2013 Facilities Performance Indicators (FPI)
May/June 2013 Sustaining Leadership
March/April 2013 Water Management & Sustainability
January/February 2013 Evaluation and Assessment

2012 IssuesFocus
November/December 2012 Space Management
September/October 2012 Introducing Mary Vosevich 2012-2013 APPA President
July/August 2012 Planning, Design, and Construction
May/June 2012 Finding and Keeping Your Workforce
March/April 2012 Environmental Sustainability
January/February 2012 Technology

2011 IssuesFocus
November/December 2011 Defining & Orchestrating Leadership Change
September/October 2011 Introducing David Gray 2011-12 APPA President
July/August 2011 Updating APPA's Operational Guidelines
May/June 2011 Sustaining Community Colleges
March/April 2011 Environmental Sustainability
January/February 2011 Inventing Our Future

2010 IssuesFocus
November/December 2010 Planning, Design and Construction
September/October 2010 Darrel Meyer 2010-11 APPA President
July/August 2010 APPA Selects Two New APPA Fellows
May/June 2010 Ethics and Accountability
March/April 2010 Policy & Compliance for a Cleaner Campus
January/February 2010 Capital Renewal

2009 IssuesFocus
November/December 2009 Healthcare Facilities
September/October 2009 Honing the Brilliance
July/August 2009 Focusing on the Critical Few
May/June 2009 Building Information Modeling (BIM)
March/April 2009 Energy Utilities & Sustainability
January/February 2009 Campus Safety and Security

2008 IssuesFocus
November/December 2008 Tapping Geothermal Energy
September/October 2008 The Year Of Engagement With President Bill Elvey
July/August 2008 The Rise to GREATNESS
May/June 2008 Custodial, Grounds, and Trades
March/April 2008 Sustainability & Environmental Stewardship
January/February 2008 The Lab of the Future

2007 IssuesFocus
November/December 2007 Deferred Maintenance Reporting Made Easy
September/October 2007 President Alan Bigger Seizing the Moment to Build on APPA's Revitalization
July/August 2007 Back to the Future: What's Next for Educational Facilities
May/June 2007 Campus Auxiliary Facilities
March/April 2007 Buildings: The Gifts That Keep on Taking
January/February 2007 Energy and Utilities

2006 IssuesFocus
November/December 2006 Making the Most of the Campus of the Future
September/October 2006 President Chris Ahoy Embodies Internationalism, Diversity and Quality
July/August 2006 Quality and Assessment
May/June 2006 Environmental Stewardship
March/April 2006 Design and Redesign
January/February 2006 A Future View

2005 IssuesFocus
November/December 2005 Focus on K-12 Facilities
September/October 2005 Smooth Management and Strong Commitment: A Profile of President Jack Colby
July/August 2005 Integrating Goals, Evaluating Performance
May/June 2005 Forum Perspectives
March/April 2005 Design and Construction Standards
January/February 2005 Sustainability

2004 IssuesFocus
November/December 2004 Reinvestment and Maintenance Effectiveness
September/October 2004 Supporting APPA Members, Promoting APPA Programs
July/August 2004 Advocacy and Compliance
May/June 2004 An Advance Look At The Forum
March/April 2004 Renewing & Modernizing Educational Facilities
January/February 2004 Energy, Utilities & Security

2003 IssuesFocus
November/December 2003 Planning, Design, & Construction
September/October 2003 Choosing to Stay Hungry
July/August 2003 Community College Focus
May/June 2003 Perspectives from the Annual Forum
March/April 2003 Improving the Workplace
January/February 2003 Energy Utilities & the Environment

2002 IssuesFocus
November/December 2002 Information Technology Management
September/October 2002 Planning, Design & Construction
July/August 2002 APPA's Educational Facilities Leadership Forum
May/June 2002 Space Planning
March/April 2002 Security
January/February 2002 Professional Development

2001 IssuesFocus
November/December 2001 Housing and Residential Hall Facilities
September/October 2001 A Profile of President Gary Reynolds
July/August 2001 Moving Beyond Boundaries
May/June 2001 Building Tecnology
March/April 2001 Your Guide to Green Building Design
January/February 2001 ESCOs and Energy Today

2000 IssuesFocus
November/December 2000 Disaster Planning and Emergency Preparedness
September/October 2000 John Harrod Profile; Grounds Management
July/August 2000 APPA 2000: Spurring Change
May/June 2000 The Process of Planning, Design and Construction
March/April 2000 APPA's Strategic Assessment Model
January/February 2000 Continuous Improvement

1999 IssuesFocus
November/December 1999 Accountability in Leadership
September/October 1999 Learning New Steps to Improve Facilities
July/August 1999 A Profile of Maggie Kinnaman
May/June 1999 Facilitating Learning in a Changing World
March/April 1999 Preparing Your Utilities Strategy
January/February 1999 A Futurist Looks at Technology and Change

1998 IssuesFocus
November/December 1998 Space Planning on a Changing Campus
September/October 1998 A Profile of Joe Spoonemore
July/August 1998 Pathways to the Future
May/June 1998 Assessment & Evaluation: Measuring Up in Today's Facilities
March/April 1998 Collaboration and the Planning Design Construction Process
January/February 1998 Professional Leadership Center

1997 IssuesFocus
November/December 1997 A Profile of President Pete van der Have
September/October 1997 The Campus of the Future: New Grounds for Learning
July/August 1997 World-Class Service: Discover the Magic
May/June 1997 Grounds Management
March/April 1997 Attacking Deferred Maintenance
January/February 1997 Plugging Into Energy Deregulation

1996 IssuesFocus
October 1996 The Missionary Zeal of Ron Flinn
July 1996 Focus on the Trades
April 1996 Special Issue on Space Management
January 1996 Redefining the Facilities Organization

1995 IssuesFocus
Fall 1995 Vision, People, and Process -- APPA President Doug Christensen
Summer 1995 Planning, Design, and Construction
Spring 1995 Benchmarking: Old Technique, New Frontier
Winter 1995 Leadership

1994 IssuesFocus
Fall 1994 The Personal Leadership of Charlie Jenkins
Summer 1994 Serving the Campus Facilities Customer
Spring 1994 Developing a Model for Statewide Facilities Funding
Winter 1994 Energy and Utilities Management

1993 IssuesFocus
Fall 1993 Diane Kerby: The Southern Style of APPA's new president
Spring 1993 Putting the Facilities Audit to Work
Winter 1993 Managing the Environmental Issues

1992 IssuesFocus
Fall 1992 Profile: Don Mackel, APPA's New President
Summer 1992 Total Quality Management for Campus Facilities
Spring 1992 Upgrading Campus Libraries for New Technologies
Winter 1992 Adapting Old Buildings for New Uses

1991 IssuesFocus
Fall 1991 Positioning APPA for Tomorrow: A Profile of Joe J. Estill, Jr.
Summer 1991 APPA's 78th Annual Meeting: Achieving Facilities Equilibrium
Spring 1991 Campus Accessiblity: A Summary of ADA
Winter 1991 The Hazardous Waste Challenge

1990 IssuesFocus
Fall 1990 Focusing on APPA's Future: A Profile of William D. Middleton
Summer 1990 Diminishing the Threat of CFCs
Spring 1990 Celebrating 5 Years of Growth and Change

1989 IssuesFocus
Winter 1989 Merging Your Goals for Excellence With the Institution's Mission
Fall 1989 Leading APPA Into the Nineties: A Profile of Jack Hug
Summer 1989 76th Annual Meeting & Founders Celebration
Spring 1989 The American Campus as a Work of Art and Utility

1988 IssuesFocus
Winter 1988 Facilities and the Academic Mission
Fall 1988 A President's Commitment to Service and Education: An Interview With Dorsey Jacobs
Summer 1988 Celebrating APPA's 75th Annual Meeting
Spring 1988 Moving Up the Ladder: Facilities Managers Reach the Vice President Level

1987 IssuesFocus
Winter 1987 A President's View of Facilities Management
Fall 1987 From the Space Center to the University: An Interview with H. C. Lott Jr.
Summer 1987 Capital Needs in Higher Education
Spring 1987 Higher Education Facilities Trust

1986 IssuesFocus
Winter 1986 Astestos: Abating the Problem With University Resources
Fall 1986 Pride and Professionalism: An Interview With H. Val Peterson
Summer 1986 Improving Management Through New Technologies
Spring 1986 The Director As Planner: A Profile of Rhodes College

1985 IssuesFocus
Winter 1985 When the Boss is a Woman
Fall 1985 A Conversation With Walter A. Schaw
Spring/Summer 1985 The Future of Campus Facilities Management