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Facilities Manager Magazine

Current Issue: March/April 2004
Volume 20, Number 2
Renewing & Modernizing Educational Facilities

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The Ever Changing Campus: Pedagogy, Technology, and Facilities
by Arthur J. Lidsky, AICP

Changing Face Value: Design Decisions and the Campus Image
by Richard D. Rush

Rethinking Community College Space Planning to Accomodate Workforce Development
by Anton Germishuizen and Haydar Hassan

History of the Facility Condition Index
by Robert G. Brooks, P.E.

The Needs Index: A New and Improved FCI
by David A. Cain, Ph.D. and Maggie Kinnaman

Integrated Facilities Assessment: A Positive Approach to Making the Business Case for Facility Need
by Paul Tankel and Ronald P. Gilmore


Membership Matters
Why Perform an FMEP?
by Theodore J. Weidner, Ph.D., P.E., AIA

Field Notes
Leadership and Management- You Gotta Have Both
by James E. Christenson

Facility Asset Management
When is "Run-to-Failure" Appropriate?
by Matt Adams, P.E.