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Facilities Manager Magazine

Current Issue: January/February 2000
Volume 16, Number 1
Continuous Improvement

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Assessment and Continuous Improvement
by David A. Cain and Douglas K. Christensen

Covey Workshops in the Mizzou Campus Facilities' Workplace
by Jon Stemmle

Membership Matters
by Phil Cox

Health Education and Safety for High Quality Performance
by Appollos Bulo, Dr. P.H.

APPA's Professional Leadership Center: A Giant Step Towards the Future
by Douglas K. Christensen

Visiting the Land of the Long White Cloud
by John Harrod

1999 Index: Facilities Manager, Volume 15
by Steve Glazner


Continuous Improvement and Resistence to Change
by H. Val Peterson

Listnotes: APPA's E-mail Discussion List in Review
by Maxine Mauldin

Coming Events
by Staff