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When people first log onto the Internet and make their first attempts at websites, e-mail, and discussion lists, hardcore users who have seemingly been raised with computers since their infancy term these new surfers "newbies." More than likely, newbies are new to the world wide web, new to websites, and maybe even new to computers as well. Internet veterans expect some floundering before the fledgling leaps out, spreads their wings, and launches another e-commerce site.

In the same vein, I'll admit that I am a facilities newbie. Before I started working for APPA, I was the one who called to complain about the heating, the air-conditioning, the flickering lights, and the air-conditioning again. I was a champion in the thermostat wars. Yet, after a few months, I learned that there was actually a unit of measurement for clothing insulation to gauge heating/cooling needs. I obviously needed to increase my clothing to 0.9 clo.

So when APPA launched their restructured e-mail discussion list, APPAinfo, in November 1998, I found myself, a confessed facilities newbie, administering a list dedicated to and peopled by facilities professionals. While I expected to encounter some difficulties, I am pleasantly surprised to find APPAinfo turning into a helpful resource and vibrant online community. Questions are being asked and answered. Sometimes comments elicit more than just an answer or two, but an online discussion of trends.

Duck, duck, goose?

Here's a discussion thread I hadn't considered...birds. These birds of a feather certainly do create problems together. The list talked about several solutions--some serious, some seriously funny--to deter these winged pests.

Question: Anyone have suggestions for dealing with a goose problem on athletic fields?

Doing the Pigeon

Question: Does anyone have any information on how to effectively get rid of pigeons? We have tried several things to no avail. Do the wire spikes, electronic barriers, owls, netting work? We also have a limited budget.

APPAinfo currently has over 520 members and the list is growing daily. To join, visit APPA's website at Click on the Resources tab at the top of the site and follow the links to APPAinfo. We welcome your participation in future discussions!

1. Craven, Scott. Managing Canada Geese in Urban Environments. The Resource Center, Cornell Cooperative Extension, PO Box 3884, Ithaca, NY 14852-3884. Cost $11.03 for book, $27.95 for video. Call 607-255-2080. Email  Secure online ordering: