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Facilities Manager Magazine

Current Issue: July/August 1998
Volume 14, Number 4
Pathways to the Future

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Maintenance Staffing Standards for Zero-Based Budgeting
by Matthew C. Adams, P.E., Joseph C. Fisher, P.E., & Theodore J. Weidner, P.E., AIA

Expand Your Parking Paradigm to Meet Diverse Needs
by Susan A. Kirkpatrick, Ph.D.

How NOT to Get Outsourced
by Thom Wellington

Decision Making Tools for Custodial Operations
by James E. Sears

Energy Management and the Infrastructure System
by James M. Blackburn, P.E., MBA


Executive Summary
Blazing New Trails in Facilities Management
by E. Lander Medlin

The Bookshelf
Reviewed in This Issue
by Book review editor: John M. Casey, P.E.