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Facilities Manager Magazine

Current Issue: Summer 1995
Volume 11, Number 3
Planning, Design, and Construction

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Planning, Design and Constructing Today's Campus Facilties
by Donald Guckert

Why Do University Buildings Cost So Much?
by E. Gene Kershner

Pre-Desing Planning
by William F. Merck II and Ksenia Jaroshevich

Partnering: A Mid-Term Report Card
by M. Boone Hellmann

Maximizing Value and Function for Campus Facilities
by John L. Robinson

Fire The Architect!
by Michael Haggans

Mediation: Make Buildings, Not War
by Duane J. Fox

An Inside Job: Forming In-House Design and Construction Units and Making Them Work
by Ronald F. LaPorte and Greg J. Watts

Getting Time On Your Side
by Donald Guckert


From the Editor
by Steve Glazner

by Various

Executive Summary
Changes in Institutional Accreditation Will Affect Facilities Operations
by Wayne E. Leroy

Focus on Management
Personally Inspected by Mary
by H. Val Peterson

Information Access
Welcome to APPANet!
by Diana L. Tringali

Software & Solutions
How To Solicit For A CMMS & Get The One You Want
by Howard Millman

Coming Events
by Various

Index of Advertisers
by Various