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Facilities Manager Magazine

Current Issue: Fall 1994
Volume 10, Number 4
The Personal Leadership of Charlie Jenkins

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The Personal Leadership of Charlie Jenkins
by Steve Glazner

Rightsizing Through Restructuring: A Higher Education Challenge
by Harvey H. Kaiser

A Cross-Country Exchange: Two Facilities Officers Change Jobs
by Winthrop M. Wassenar and Jack Hug

Alternative Solutions to Parking Problems for the Urban Campus
by Alan Charles Freeman & Thoms Topolski


From the Editor
by Steve Glazner

by Frederick L. Klee/C. Gary Pringle/Peter Sandberg/Wilma Mpelo/Dorsey D. Jacobs

Capital Notes
Capitol Notes
by Barbara Hirsch

Focus on Management
by H. Val Peterson

Data Base Update
Database Updates
by Howard Millman

The Bookshelf
by Joe Cannon/Harold Horowitz, AIA/John S. Andrepont/Ala S. Bigger

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