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Facilities Manager Magazine

Current Issue: November/December 2003
Volume 19, Number 6
Planning, Design, & Construction

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Class Laboratories Space Use and Utilization
by Ira Fink, Ph. D, FAIA

Commissioning Provides Value to Campus Facilities
by John A. Heinz, P.E. and Richard B. Casault, P.E.

A Guide to Protecting Your Roof From a Snow-Related Failure
by Gary W. Brown, P.E.

Setting the PASE for Meeting Facility Needs
by George A. Hess

Physical Fitness for Facilities Folks
by Frederic J. Gratto


Presidents Corner
Thoughts on Upcoming APPA Issues
by Brooks H. Baker III

Membership Matters
Establishing a Student Chapter of APPA
by Cameron Christensen