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Facilities Manager Magazine

Current Issue: Spring 1993
Volume 9, Number 2
Putting the Facilities Audit to Work

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Putting the Facilities Audit to Work
by Harvey H. Kaiser

APPA Annual Meeting Preview

Using Campus Facilities for Marketing
by Bruce Carmichael

Geographic Information Sysstems: A Primer for the Facilities Manager
by Fritz H. Grupe and John G. Burch

Flexible Scheduling: 4 Days or 5? A Process of Alternatives
by W. G. Suter Jr.

One Institution's Approach to Energy Conservation
by Rock D. Morille, P.E.


From the Editor
by Steve Glazner

by Donald L. Mackel

Capital Notes
by Barbara Hirsch

Focus on Management
by Sigmund G. Ginsburg

Data Base Update
by Howard Millman

The Bookshelf
by Lenny Zimmerman/William a. Daigneau/George Hecht/Daniel A. Terribile

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