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Facilities Manager Magazine

Current Issue: May/June 2000
Volume 16, Number 3
The Process of Planning, Design and Construction

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Evaluating the Planning, Design, and Construction Department: The Capital Programs Management Audit
by Harvey H. Kaiser, Ph.D.,& Dennis M. Kirkwood, FHFI

Intelligent Campus Buildings for the Information Age
by Jack Caloz

Stewardship of Educational Facilities in the 21st Century
by Mike Crosson

Delivering a New Library Building at James Cook University
by Ted Dews and Judith Clark

Listening to Another Voice: Assessing the Work Environment
by Laura Long

Developing a Big-Picture View for Parking
by Chris Luz, P.E., AICP, and John Burgan, P.E.

Make Sure Cabling Designers Know What You Need
by Bill Desrosiers


Vital Assets
by H. Val Peterson

Membership Matters
Reflections on APPA Services and Programs
by Dina Murray

The Regulatory Reporter: Indoor Air vs. Indoor Construction: A New Beginning
by Santo Manicone

The Bookshelf
Reviewed in This Issue
by John M. Casey, P.E.