Dr. Harvey Kaiser is the president of Harvey H. Kaiser Associates, Inc., a consulting firm based in Syracuse, New York and Reston, Virginia. Kaiser is a frequent contributor to Facilities Manager and author of several books published by APPA; he can be reached at hhkaiser@worldnet.att.net. Dennis Kirkwood is the president of Kirkwood Associates, a facility management consulting firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan; he can be reached at dennisk@kirkwoodassociates.com. 1 APPA: The Association for Higher Education Facilities Officers. Facilities Management: A Manual for Plant Administration, third edition. Alexandria, Virginia, 1997. P. 51.

In the life of an institution of higher learning, change is constant and inevitable. This is true in the case of its central teaching and research programs; in organizational, human resources, and other administrative matters; and, not least, in the institution's built environment. Planning, directing, and implementing change in the physical plant and campus environment (which we refer to as Capital Programs Management) is a complex undertaking for most institutions that is assigned, typically, to a Facilities Planning, Design, and Construction (FPD&C) unit. To accomplish this work effectively and efficiently requires a well-organized and ably led staff that is adequate in numbers, capabilities, and funding, and has a clear and consistent approach to its work.

While the FPD&C unit often provides a variety of technical and other advisory services to an institution, including support to operations and maintenance, environmental health and safety, and information technology, Capital Programs Management is a substantial component of the unit's efforts. The following discussion presents a diagnostic model for assessing the state of an institution's capital programs management by delineating 'work processes' which comprise that function.

What is Capital Programs Management?

The APPA Facilities Management manual for plant administration1 provides the following definition of the Facility Planning, Design, and Construction function:
A major grouping of functions normally included within a facilities management department, but sometimes organized separately from facilities operations and maintenance services, is facilities planning and programming for the institution, architectural and engineering planning of new construction, and construction project management. The principal functions include the following: