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Facilities Manager Magazine

Current Issue: Winter 1994
Volume 10, Number 1
Energy and Utilities Management

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Energy: An Overview
by Mohammad H. Qayoumi, P.E.

The National Energy Policy Act of 1992: Implications for Meeting Our Energy Needs
by Robert C. Johnson & diana M. Schmidt

Energy Conservation Projects and Their Positive Impact on the Economy
by M. Reza Karkia, CCP, DBA

Improving District Cooling System Performance
by Warren W. Weeks, P.E.

Recharging Campus Energy Conservation: ESCOs and Demand Side Management at SUNY Buffalo
by Walter Simpson

1993 Index: Facilities Manager, Volume 9
by Steve Glazner


From the Editor
by Steve Glazner

by John A. Heinz, P.E./Charles W. Jenkins

Capital Notes
Capitol Notes
by Barbara Hirsch

Focus on Management
by H. Val Peterson

Data Base Update
Database Updates
by Howard Millman

The Bookshelf
by Charles W. Jenkins/John Holmes/Joe Cannon

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