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Facilities Manager Magazine

Current Issue: Spring 1990
Volume 6, Number 1
Celebrating 5 Years of Growth and Change

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The Campus Environmental Crisis: Part 1 - The PCB Crackdown
by Barbara Ruben

Illuminiaing the University Campus: Aspects of Security, Aesthetics, and Efficiency
by Werner K. Sensbach

Coping With Natural Disasters: The California Earthquake
by Ruth e. Thaler-Carter

The Earthquake and UC-Berkeley
by Paul F. Tabolt

The Earthquake and UC-Santa Cruz
by F. Louis Fackler

Facilities Administration: Who's in Charge of What?
by Herbert L. Collier

Water Treatment Specifications for Colleges and Universities

A Five-Year Subject Index to Facilities Manager
by Steve Glazner


APPA Update
by Various

Resource Management
by Stephanie Gretchen

Data Base Update
by Howard Millman

The Bookshelf
by Norman Loat/Paul Schneller/James E. Gehman/Dean Alderson, PE

Index of Advertisers
by Various