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Facilities Manager Magazine

Current Issue: July/August 1999
Volume 15, Number 4
A Profile of Maggie Kinnaman

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Maggie Kinnaman is Ready to Tackle the Challenges of Leading APPA
by Ruth E. Thaler-Carter

The Basics of High-Benefit Lighting: Knowing More Means Paying Less
by Cary S. Mendelsohn, CLMC

The Metamorphosis of a Football Stadium
by Pieter J. van der Have

Defining Quality in Your Cleaning Operation
by James E. Sears

First Source for Products Helps You Select and Specify Products
by Susan Crain


APPA Annual Report 1999

Executive Summary
An APPA Report Card
by E. Lander Medlin

The Bookshelf
Reviewed in This Issue
by Book Review Editor: John M. Casey, P.E.