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  • [Print] Operational Guidelines for Educational Facilities: Custodial
  • Building Commissioning Handbook, Third Edition
  • Thought Leaders Report 2021: Connections, Space & Place [PDF]
  • [Print] New! Operational Guidelines for Educational Facilities: Grounds
  • [Print] Operational Guidelines for Educational Facilities: Maintenance
  • [Digital Format] Operational Guidelines for Educational Facilities: Custodial

2021 Thought Leaders Fill your shelves with resources from the APPA Bookstore, and increase your knowledge of educational facilities management. APPA publications help you transform your institution with the most current, innovative, and relevant information available, including industry standards, best practices, creative solutions, and practical tools.

APPA’s Bookstore is your entry point to the largest, most relevant, and comprehensive knowledge bank in the field of educational facilities, including publications written by APPA member experts specific to the four core areas that make up the educational facilities Body of Knowledge.

Operational Guidelines
General Administration & Management
Operations & Maintenance
Energy, Utilities & Environmental Stewardship
Planning, Design & Construction
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