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"JMU Refuses to Let Money Go down the Drain"
Author: McGuinn, Joseph P.,
Published In: Facilities Manager
Date: January/February 2012

James Madison University (JMU) in Harrisonburg, Virginia has embarked on a rational means to reduce energy costs and provides a sustainable approach to student housing. The investment to install a Drain Water Heat Recovery system (DWHR) at Wayland Hall is estimated to pay for itself in less than three years but will provide dividends for over 40. The DWHR system is essentially a double-walled heat exchanger that takes the already heated water used for showers (or other processes) and recaptures that heat before it goes down the drain. The type L copper unit is installed in the drain stack and as incoming cold water is introduced, it is preheated by the drain water. The Power Pipe extracts the shower water heat and preheats the incoming replacement cold water, which is introduced in a 1-inch pipe that connects to a rectangular copper tube that surrounds the drain pipe. This creates a counter flow arrangement to maximize heat exchange efficiency and surface contact to produce a 63 percent efficiency rating for this unit.

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