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"BIM (Building Information Modeling) and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)"
Author: Christensen, Douglas K.,
Published In: Facilities Manager
Date: May/June 2009

There are some words in the building industry that seem to be clear and understandable to say, yet they need some help in understanding the depth of the meaning. When the term maintenance is talked about there seems to be some agreement that it does not mean building a new building. Maintenance as a term covers many areas and if not clarified could be interpreted to mean a lot of things. Entering into the maintenance vocabulary are some new words. One of the words that seems simple to talk about yet is hard to find a common definition for is the term "Sustainability." Another new word is "interoperability," which is sometimes referred as a technology term. Sustainability and interoperability are terms and definitions that help describe two additional terms that are impacting the profession: BIM-"Building Information Modeling" and TCO-"Total Cost of Ownership." The only way these two terms are made feasible is if the practice of sustainability and interoperability is not just a planted idea in the minds of an organization, but that steps are being taken to incorporate the terms into the core way in which management sees its role and vision as facilities managers. These terms, if taken on by any organization, must be understood as a "paradigm shift" and that everything that is currently being done needs to be seen through this new vision.

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