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Thought Leaders Report 2014: Leveraging Facilities for Institutional Success [PDF]

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Thought Leaders Report 2014: Leveraging Facilities for Institutional Success [PDF]Thought Leaders Report 2014: Leveraging Facilities for Institutional Success [PDF].
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Date Published:September 2014
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No of Pages:45

Produced in conjunction with APPA's Center for Facilities Research

The 2014 Thought Leaders symposium, sponsored in part by DTZ, a UGL company, and Jacobs, focused on the issues and challenges related to leveraging campus facility assets to achieve desired institutional outcomes.  More than three dozen higher education leaders--including presidents, provosts, business officers, consultants, association executives, and facilities professionals--participated in a facilitated discussion and work session to examine the gap between where higher education wants to be and where it actually finds itself.
Participants sought to identify the key characteristics of successful campuses, then looked at what institutions are actually achieving – the disagreeable reality of unsustainable funding models, unsuccessful students, and poorly utilized resources. 

* Executive summary
* Challenges for higher education institutions
* Strategies for improving institutional outcomes
* Facilities' contributions to institutional goals
* Facilities' strategies for improving institutional outcomes
    1. Understand how facilities affect student success and employ best practices for student recruitment and retention
    2. Use total cost of ownership as a guiding principle for all facilities decisions
    3. Make better use of campus space
    4. Expand data collection and analysis to cut costs and increase efficiency
    5. Use the campus as a classroom to expand awareness of sustainability and facilities best practices
* Conclusion: Embracing and advancing the need for change
* References and resources
* Participants in the 2014 Thought Leaders symposium

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