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Thought Leaders Report 2013: The Rising Cost of Higher Education [PDF]

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Thought Leaders Report 2013: The Rising Cost of Higher Education [PDF]Thought Leaders Report 2013: The Rising Cost of Higher Education [PDF].
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Date Published:September 2013
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Produced in conjunction with APPA's Center for Facilities Research (CFaR)

The 2013 Thought Leaders symposium, sponsored in part by DTZ, a UGL company, and Jacobs, focused on the topic of the rising cost of higher education.  More than three dozen higher education leaders--including presidents, provosts, business officers, consultants, association executives, and facilities professionals--participated in a facilitated discussion and work session to identify, prioritize, and recommend solutions on the issues related to the cost of higher education. 

* Executive summary
* The challenge of rising costs in higher education
* Colleges in crisis - a summation
* The top issues in higher education facilities
   1. Align the programs and priorities of the institution with its mission and vision
   2. Build campus-wide understanding of the "arms race" between institutions on campus spending
   3. Better utilize and manage space
   4. Involve faculty in decisions about facilities and space
   5. Identify programs and facilities that need investment
   6. Manage rising labor costs
   7. Understand the challenges posed by increasingly complex buildings
   8. Limit rising costs associated with complying with codes and regulations
   9. Reduce the cost of unfunded mandates on the institution
* References and resources
* List of symposium participants

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