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Benchmarking & Organizational Change, second edition

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Benchmarking & Organizational Change, second editionBenchmarking & Organizational Change, second edition.
Author:Mohammad H. Qayoumi, Ph.D., APPA Fellow
Price:$ 48.00 (Member Price: $ 34.00)
Date Published:April 2012
Cover type:Softcover
No of Pages:81

Fully revised and updated from the classic best-seller of 2000, Benchmarking & Organizational Change will assist in integrating the technical, human, and economic aspects of an organization in order to optimize your business and planning results.  Author Mo Qayoumi, president of San Jose State University, helps organizations embrace rapid and perpetual change and practice the principles of effective benchmarking.

Benchmarking will achieve the following for your organization:

  • stimulate creativity across the enterprise
  • minimize or eliminate complacency and the superficial mindset
  • expand horizons beyond your industry
  • enhance sensitivity to external factors
  • align your business strategies to action plans
  • create an ongoing sense of urgency to remain competitive and, possibly, outpace your competition

1: Why Benchmark?
2: What is Benchmarking?
3: Critical Factors for Benchmarking Success
4: Leading Organizational Change
5: Leveraging Organizational Learning
6: To Probe into the Future
7: Conclusion
Appendix A: Benchmarking Code of Conduct
Appendix B: The Benchmarking Process
Appendix C: A Typical 10-Step Benchmarking Process Model
Appendix D: Measurement Matrix
Appendix E: References and Other Resources


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