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[Print] Operational Guidelines for Educational Facilities: Maintenance, 3rd Edition

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[Print] Operational Guidelines for Educational Facilities: Maintenance, 3rd Edition[Print] Operational Guidelines for Educational Facilities: Maintenance, 3rd Edition.
Author:J. Thomas Becker, Editor in Chief, and Theodore J. Weidner, Editor and Project Lead
Price:$ 126.00 (Member Price: $ 94.00)
Date Published:02/08/2022
Cover type:Softcover
No of Pages:356

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Maintenance of Buildings
Chapter 2: Levels of Maintenance and Benchmarking
Chapter 3: Maintenance FTE Determination with Applied Case Studies
Chapter 4: Zero-Based Staffing Build-Up
Chapter 5: Survey Data with Statistical Methodology for Maintenance FTE Estimation
Chapter 6: Staff Development, Hiring, and Training
Chapter 7: Staffing Considerations for Auxiliaries and K-12
Chapter 8: Contracting and Partnerships 
Chapter 9: Proactive Maintenance Implementation: From Fixing Problems to Optimizing Performance
Chapter 10: Reliability-Based Maintenance and Implementation
Chapter 11: Facilities Information Systems
Chapter 12: Customer Satisfaction and Public Relations
Chapter 13: Compliance and Safety
Chapter 14: Sustainability
Chapter 15: Turnover Work Group Practices
Chapter 16: Operations During a Crisis

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