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Thought Leaders Report 2021: Connections, Space & Place [PDF]

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Thought Leaders Report 2021: Connections, Space & Place [PDF]Thought Leaders Report 2021: Connections, Space & Place [PDF].
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Date Published:07/19/2021
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What is the role of the facilities organization in meeting today’s challenges? In part, facilities ex­perts will continue the essential work they have done since the start of the pandemic: They will keep the campus safe and operational. But the fa­cilities organization can do more—more, in fact, than most institutions realize. They can help their college or university foster community by leverag­ing its sense of place.

 “Sense of place” is defined by one expert as “the feelings evoked among people as a result of the experiences and memories they associate with a place and the symbolism they attach to that place.” Meaningful places can come to represent an entire institution, including its history, its values, and its legacy. A strong sense of place can arise naturally, but it can also be consciously, carefully cultivated. This is possible for any institution, no matter its age or classification. Historic campuses with well-established places and traditions may find this process easier, but even new campuses and recently established institutions can foster a sense of place. Colleges and universities should look for the places where the community naturally gathers—a quad, a fountain, a lounge, a stairway—and take steps to make that place welcoming and accessible.

Table of Contents:  Connections, Space & Place

Section 1: Executive Summary

*    The role of sense of place in building community

*    Looking ahead to a post-pandemic future

Section 2: Understanding Sense of Place and its Significance in Higher Education

*    What is “sense of place”? 

*    Elements of a sense of place on campus  

Section 3: Opportunities Created by a New Focus on Sense of Place

*    Opportunities for the institution 

*    Opportunities for the facilities management organization  

Section 4: Addressing Changing Space Needs and Requirements

*    Responding to changing space needs and requirements

*    Facilities management strategies to address changing space needs and requirements 

Section 5: Questions for Campus Discussion

Section 6: Reflecting on the State of Higher Education  1

*    The big picture in the summer of 2021 

*    Specific challenges facing North American institutions 

*    Strengths and successes

Section 7: Conclusion

Appendix A: Bibliography/Resources

Appendix B: Participants at the 2021 Thought Leaders Symposium

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