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Deploying Disruptive Technologies with a Disruptive Approach to Leadership [Digital Book]

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Deploying Disruptive  Technologies with a Disruptive Approach to Leadership [Digital Book]NEW! Deploying Disruptive Technologies with a Disruptive Approach to Leadership [Digital Book].
Author:Adam Lawver and Sean O'Connor
Price:$ 37.00 (Member Price: $ 21.00)
Date Published:03/29/2021
Cover type:E-Book
No of Pages:42

Apple. Disney. Lego. These names are well-known to us all. But the names of many other organizations could also be added to this list. What they all have in common is that they have “disrupted” their traditional business models and (some would argue) their respective industries by introducing game-changing technologies. They are preparing for the future, or in Simon Sinek’s words, “playing the infinite game.” In this sense, “disruption” is not necessarily bad; it can include positive and unprecedented responses to unforeseen circumstances that threaten to undermine business-as-usual.

The many articles written about the companies listed above make it clear that at the core of their respective responses has been a commitment to reinvigorate the corporate culture in a way that not only encourages innovation but also—and more importantly—develops leaders who can foster a higher level of trust within the workforce. Senior executives, managers, supervisors, team captains, etc., are encouraged to rethink and exemplify a different approach to their respective roles as leaders within the organization, reenvisioning their roles by focusing more on serving the workforce and responding to workplace needs as identified by the workers themselves. This approach acknowledges that the workers are also vital stakeholders in the organization’s mission and success.

This monograph proposes that one of the keys to managing disruption is to invest in the organization’s culture of work, as well as in the technologies required for progressive change, in order to develop a community of leaders at all levels—leaders capable of planning, of reacting quickly and flexibly, and of promoting operational excellence to match an accelerating pace of disruptive change. This differs from conventional leadership by recognizing the importance of empowering all employees at every level to provide some degree of leadership. This requires an agreement between supervisors and workforce subordinates to operate on the basis of mutual trust, building relationships geared to maximize everyone’s individual strengths.

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