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TCO – Part 2: Implementation and Data Elements (DRAFT) [PDF]

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TCO – Part 2:  Implementation and Data Elements (DRAFT) [PDF]TCO – Part 2: Implementation and Data Elements (DRAFT) [PDF].
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Date Published:08/02/21019
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No of Pages:127
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This draft is out for a 60 day public review, closing October 1 at 5PM ET.  Please use the attached Excel spreadsheet to make and return any comments on this draft. 

APPA TCO™ assists an organization with three major asset decisions:

• New product, facilities, and infrastructure asset selection decisions

• Existing facilities and infrastructure asset renovation or removal decisions

• Short- and long-term financial planning, budget analysis, and reporting.

This standard builds on the work found in Total Cost of Ownership for Facilities Asset Management (TCO) – Part 1: Key Principles Total Cost of Ownership. The APPA TCO™ formula and the interdependency and interrelatedness of each principle is critical to the success of TCO implementation.

PURCHASERS: Please click here for your comment sheet in order to submit your comments on this draft.

If you have any questions about the document, process, or submission of comments please contact Billie Zidek

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