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Thought Leaders Report 2019: Innovation in an Age of Disruption [PDF]

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Thought Leaders Report 2019: Innovation in an Age of Disruption [PDF]Thought Leaders Report 2019: Innovation in an Age of Disruption [PDF].
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Date Published:2019
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No of Pages:32
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How do you think outside the box? In other words, how do you approach thinking differently about the world around you and your institutional and organizational challenges? More importantly, how do you go beyond just thinking differently to actually seeing things differently?

This question is what drove the entire 2019 APPA Thought Leaders symposium as they explored the mechanics of innovation. They drew on the experience of experts in innovation and entrepreneurship and discussed ways to protect experimentation and creativity from institutional forces dedicated to the status quo. They practiced developing innovative strategies for addressing the challenges facing higher education. And they learned that creativity must be fostered and encouraged within an institution, by modeling the entrepreneurial mindset to instill a curiosity to innovate.

Download this publication for the key takeaways from this thorough and engaging report.

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