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APPA 1000-1 – Part 1: TCO Key Principles [PDF]

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APPA 1000-1 – Part 1: TCO Key Principles [PDF]APPA 1000-1 – Part 1: TCO Key Principles [PDF].
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Date Published:12/19/2017
Cover type:PDF
No of Pages:100

This standard establishes the foundational elements and structure required to implement the principles of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).  TCO is a transparent, holistic, and efficient approach to asset management and resource allocation.  This standard outlines the process for owners and managers of built assets to produce the greatest possible return on investment and allows for effective use of limited resources.  This TCO l standard is designed for Owners, Financial Operators, and Facility Professionals.  This TCO standard has a focus on critical data elements needed to make well-timed, current, and predictive decisions.  This common framework would support forecasting investment needs, and simplify data decision requirements by supporting creation and utilization of standard data set, for purposes of maintaining a financially sustainable future for all asset investments.  This standard is comprised of two parts: (1) Key Principles (this document), and (2) Implementation (separate).  Making the TCO standard a part of the way your business and management process treats investments and asset management is an important step in the stewardship of any organization’s capital assets. NOTE: Part 2 – Implementation and Data Elements will be available as a National Standard sometime in early 2020.

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