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Product—Process—People: The Principles of High-Performance Management

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Product—Process—People: The Principles of High-Performance ManagementProduct—Process—People: The Principles of High-Performance Management.
Author:William A. Daigneau
Price:$ 48.00 (Member Price: $ 34.00)
Date Published:07/07/2016
Cover type:Softcover
No of Pages:168

The reason why most management theories don’t work is because they don’t connect the dots. Instead, they focus on the activities of management: how to plan, organize, direct, staff, control, innovate, market, strategize, and lead.  Instead, the goal of this book is to show you how to develop and combine three ingredients (products, processes and people) to create a high-performing organization.

Chapter One is devoted to products, the first leg of management. Without a product there is no business, so begin with its design and how it must meet the needs of the customer. 

Chapter Two is focused on processes. Processes are the means by which we produce products. Although there are countless books, research materials, and courses available on process design and improvement, this chapter focuses on a few critical principles that you must understand to ensure that your processes are efficient and effective. 

Chapter Three deals with the most complex and difficult ingredient of the three management components—people. People actually produce and deliver your product using the processes you have designed. If they are not properly engaged with you in the business and are not committed to its success, they can sabotage your most skillful plans. 

Chapter Four concludes with a summary of how to actually implement these principles and gauge your progress in improving your management skills and the performance of your organization. 


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