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Key Facilities Metrics Report for 2017-18

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This survey was initiated by NACUBO’s Sustainability Advisory Panel (SAP) with the belief that all finance and facilities leaders should know “Key Facilities Metrics” by which to plan, make strategic decisions, and operate the campus more efficiently. APPA members are already engaged in the robust Facilities Performance Indicators survey and report which made APPA a natural partner for this effort.

“One cannot manage what is not quantified.” Five simple metrics on Btu, kilowatt, water, waste and carbon footprint were targeted in this survey and are intended to be utilized as a tool for increasing your self-awareness. The report provides you with the option to review the data by gross square feet (GSF) or by student FTE (SFTE). Some campuses might find better use for their data by comparing it to overall usage per GSF by Carnegie Classification or APPA Region. Other campuses might have extremely high, or low, student usage so their analysis for consumption per SFTE might be more relevant than reviewing by GSF solely.

If you enter your data next year– you will be able to create your own dashboard metrics of your campus. However – for this year, you can review the high level overview of the data set by selecting Carnegie and APPA region classifications.

The survey intent is for self-awareness – with the goal of improving (even incrementally) from year to year. This is not an exacting or perfect survey as there can be yearly changes in weather, demographics, number of community participants, and many other program factors that are not taken into consideration by just entering raw consumption data from vendors or utilities. You are urged to enter your data in the 2019 survey cycle so you can be a part of this self-analysis!

The survey intent is not to be another competition or arms race about which institution is doing better, as each campus has unique spaces and programs. Each campus can zoom in on what metrics are most relevant for them to utilize. Some campuses do not have the ability to capture all of this data (e.g. some institutions do not collect trash by the pounds – so those campuses will need to self-analyze with containers). The important point is to figure out what your campus can use to create a baseline for institutional improvement.

Higher education facilities spend approximately $6-7 billion on utilities and $14 billion on operations. Those expense categories are usually the second highest budgetary expense after salaries at a campus. Whatever we can do to improve our campuses is good – so review, analyze, and participate in the 2019 Key Facilities Metrics that opens July 1 and closes in December 16, 2019. Start your path to improvement by quantifying where you are now!

For further info – contact Steve Glazner at or Sally Grans Korsh at