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There's been discussion lately regarding APPA members participation in information sharing, both with each other and with APPA headquarters. Being relatively new here, I was impressed by the energy and enthusiasm on the APPAinfo e-mail list, not to mention the valuable information that you are sharing with each other. So I thought what better way to highlight this member activity than resuming the Listnotes column.

In keeping with the theme of this issue, I have incorporated your advice and suggestions on energy and utilities issues. Remember that what is most appealing about the list is gaining valuable information in a form that is much more interesting than a textbook or a seminar, while communicating with your colleagues, fellow members, and APPA staff. To join APPA's e-mail list, register at

Question: I am interested in hearing from those of you who have recently communicated to campus building occupants measures they can take in their office and/or at their desktop to conserve electrical consumption. Recent literature suggests that significant savings can be made by turning off computers, monitors, printers, etc., as well as lights.

Question: Does anyone have and/or know of a website(s) that promotes office/desktop energy savings opportunities? Is anyone aware for public entities, utilities, and/or corporations that have promoted office/desktop energy savings opportunities? How about information on recent energy conservation projects?

Question: I am needing information regarding the cost of fluorescent lighting. In particular is it more cost effective to leave a fluorescent light on or turn it off throughout the day? The argument is that it cost more to turn it on/off than it is to leave it on.