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Shaw Tek introduces “In Line,” a sophisticated collection of complementary carpet styles designed for the higher education markets. The collection is comprised of six products in varying scales, each available in nine colors. “In Line” offers ultimate pattern and color flexibility. Created using advanced tufting technology and random color thread-up capabilities, “In Line” creates a large-scale illusion of pattern and undulating color changes across the width of the products. For additional information about Shaw Tek “In-Line,” visit

HydroTherm announces the KN-10, a commercial gas-fired boiler featuring Tru-Flow™ technology. Tru-flow is a trade name for a self-adaptive design that adjusts air and fuel under many conditions and “thinks for itself” to maximize performance and boiler safety. The new KN-10 boiler operates without producing emissions even with the flue or air-inlet significantly blocked. Through Tru-Flow technology, the KN-10 boiler is designed to react to changes in air or flue flow—from any cause—by reducing the input while maintaining high combustion quality and constant CO2 with reduced CO. Request more information from HydroTherm at 413-564-5515.

Ballard Power Systems offers its 30kW Ecostar™ power converter specifically designed for photovoltaic (PV) applications. The 30kW grid-tie utility interactive power converter combines inverter and transformer efficiency with ease of installation. Based on state-of-the-art technology, Ballard’s 30kW product offers improved reliability and up-time while reducing the payback period for the product investment. The 30kW product joins Ballard’s recently announced 75kW grid-tie inverter. With peak inverter efficiency of 97 percent, transformer efficiency of 97.5 percent, and standby tare losses of 25 watts, the 30kW Ecostar™ power converter is one of the most efficient commercial inverters available in North America. For more information, visit to Ballard Power Systems at

PANDUIT introduces the TX Copper Cabling System, a reliable, high-performance end-to-end solution consisting of connectors, patch panels, patch cords, and now, cable. The TX Copper Cabling System now includes a full line of high performance Category 5e (TX5500), Category 6 (TX6000), and Enhanced Category 6 (TX6500) copper cabling products for deploying your mission critical applications. This integrated system is backed by a PANDUIT Certification Plus 25-year system warranty. For additional details, call PANDUIT at 800-777-3300.

Active Power announces a GenSTART Retrofit Program aimed at enhancing reliability in existing engine generator installations. The patented GenSTART System eliminates the number one reason generator sets fail to start—dead or weak lead-acid starter batteries. The program features the battery-free GenSTART System which increases starting reliability for up to 8MW of multiple standby engine generators and individual GenSTART Modules that can supply 1725 cold-cranking amps to generator set starter motors. Both products supply engine generators with assured starting power when it is most critical—at start-up. Active Power now offers these products to end-users with existing generator installations as well as users of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) that include Active Power’s battery-free CleanSource® UPS systems. For greater details, call Active Power at 512-836-6464.

Universal Lighting Technologies introduces new literature for the Multi-5™ Uni-Pak™ Ballast & Lamp Replacement Kit. The Multi-5™ Uni-Pak™ offers many advanced benefits not offered by any other HID replacement kit. The kit includes five taps in one: 120, 208, 240, 277, and 480 volts. It also packages the correct ballast and lamp together to ensure system compatibility. A prewired capacitor (plus igniter, if needed) is included to save installation time and reduce wiring errors. All capacitors offer trip fault protection. Leads are color-coded to reduce the risk of incorrect wiring inside the fixture. For full details, call Universal Lighting Technologies at 615-316-5100.